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Retail on steroids

Knowing how tough Amazon is making the market and with Chinese sellers sending there products directly to US. warehouses. Small retailers are slowly disappearing due to rising costs. Also, if you research the web you will discover horror stories about eBay and amazon firing small U.S sellers

Very innovative

We are working with some of the latest technologies to automate processes and keep cost of warehousing at minimal. We use micro warehousing, local pickup locations, and developed our own inventory system to manage multiple line of businesses. With our system small retailers will continue to compete for years to come and prices will always be cheaper than amazon

Knowledge of the market

We have an extensive knowledge of local markets and we know what they would like to see. We are hoping with the knowledge we gained we will give local markets the competitive edge to compete against Giant online retailers

How do we find the products ?

We work with Sourcing experts in China and US to find very competitive products. We even buy from sellers leaving Amazon warehouses at ridiculous prices. Join us and we promiss that you will enjoy the revolution and you will be a huge part of the community

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